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Gospel Music

Why Gospel Music is So Uplifting

Why Gospel Music is So Uplifting

You are sad and seem downcast. And you need someone or something to cheer you up. But no one is close-by to make you smile. Don’t you worry, gospel music can do just that!

Other genres of music may sound nice and make the listener feel good, but none comes close to the power of gospel music to the mind.  Here is an example of uplifting gospel music.

It is a genre of music that is known to instantly impact positively on your soul. This because of its:

MELODY- Whenever you listen to any kind of gospel music, it holds your attention. It soothes you like a balm. It’s a genre of music that is very gentle to the ears.

WHOLESOME LYRICS– The words in any gospel music are words of encouragement. They are usually kind and loving words, unlike other genres that may be vulgar or offensive to the listener. Gospel musicians are mostly inspired by the bible, and so they are very mindful of the choice of words they use in their songs.

ABILITY TO CONNECT YOU TO THE CREATOR– No other genre of music boldly celebrates and references God like gospel music does. And for lovers of gospel music, nothing can be more uplifting than having a connection with God. Gospel music gives them this opportunity.

ENCOURAGING TONE– it almost always has a positive message, it tries to uplift the listener psychological. When you listen to most gospel tracks, you will hear words of encouragement that are meant to make you feel less worried about your present negative circumstance(s).

EASY TO SING ALONG TO– In any genre of music, the most popular songs are usually very easy to learn and sing along to. Gospel music tries to leverage on this. Gospel musicians to a very large extent pay very close attention to how simple to understand the lyrics of their songs are. A music genre that emphasizes on ‘preaching’ to its listeners must be very easy to understand.

Whether it is gospel music for children, adolescents, or adults, the central theme in each song is to reach out to someone and bless his/her soul.

It’s hardly selfish. It yearns to share something positive with its listener. It connects you with the almighty. It puts you in a communion mood with your creator. And to most people, there is no better feeling like communicating with God through music.

So when next you are looking for music to uplift your spirit, try gospel music!

Inspirational Music

Why People Listen to Inspirational Music

Why People Listen to Inspirational Music

No two people have the same reason for listening to inspirational music. Everyone has a unique reason for listening to inspirational music. We also listen to inspirational music to derive different feelings depending on our current situations. At one time, you might listen to inspirational music to relieve stress while another time listen to it to enhance your performance in an activity.

The following are some of the reasons why people listen to inspirational music;

1. It uplifts your mood

It is normal for a person to feel down in the dumps. Getting back to your normal self is the hardest part of it all. Usually, there are several ways to get you back to the right mood, and listening to inspirational music tops them all. Listening to inspirational happy tunes helps you feel good about things that are happening in your life and thereby elevate your mood.

2.  Distracts you from boring activities

There are so many boring tasks in everyday life that need to be done. Procrastination is usually the immediate solution but not always sustainable in the long run because the tasks have to be done eventually. Listening to inspirational music helps in combating de-motivating brain signals that are related with boredom. It also helps in increasing positive feelings when doing such tasks since you will be focused on the music and lyrics rather than the boring tasks and before you realize it you will have finished the job.

3. Helps in relieving stress and anxiety

Life can sometimes get very challenging, and you can easily become overwhelmed. It has been proven that listening to inspirational music makes you feel relaxed and thereby reduce psychological stress and even reduce symptoms of depressions. During these times, all you need is to sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and listen to your favorite song. The stress will go away and you will be rejuvenated and ready to face whatever is in front of you.

4.  It enhances performance

Research has shown that inspirational music can boost performance and thereby makes tough exercises seem easier. If you are a runner, all you have to do is put some upbeat music and interesting fast paced songs in your iPod and go for that run. You will find it more enjoyable and less strenuous and you will have more endurance. The results are the same when you are in the gym working out. The exercise will turn out exciting than usual when you are listening to some music while working out. This is the reason why there is some background music playing in gyms.

5. It improves sleep

Most people suffer from insomnia and studies have revealed that listening to slow inspirational music within an hour of going to bed improves sleep significantly compared to doing nothing. So if you have sleep problems, it is logical to throw on some slow music, to put you in a meditative state when in bed. This will enhance your sleep.

Indeed inspirational music has many different purposes. Its powers particularly lies in its ability to improve the overall life of human beings through boosting our emotional reactions. This helps us to be focused and hence helping us in solving our problems and in facing our daily challenges. And as such, it is important to listen to inspirational music.